Sunday, June 6, 2010

i wanted to do a cute mushy picture, so i drew my characters tuija and maalik being all lovey dovey <3
just posting a WIP  of it; oh damn i'm really starting to like watercolours mmm

i also started another plushie for someone, this time it's going to be white but just as squishy : )

oh and i'm making some rose earrings,
i'll post those when they're done as well.

on a side note: gosh boys are strange, and they think girls are complicated.


  1. i love the new design of your blog :P

    what is the plushie made of? loving the blushes on it's cheeks and the eyes.
    you know i painted red dots like that on my cheeks and nose a few days back and took pictures of it ^_^

  2. hehe thank you, i'm glad someone noticed : D

    well right now i just have the head, which is made out of sculpey, but i'm gonna sew his body out of felt a few days from now.

    ohh you should post the picture!